The Balts are inspired by slimy summer moss and the scent of a wet asphalt after rain. In our apparel, nebulas and slobs take up new shapes that adapt and add to your individuality. To stand out or disappear? The Balts are functional. In the collections natural fabrics are used: wool, cotton, and linen. Their contrasting textures create peculiar combinations suitable for both men and women. In the streets of a rushing city and the fogs of a breaking morning.

The Balts brand is the designers’ creative direction of new aesthetics. It includes the search for affinity towards nature and personality traces in the urban space of the 21st century.

Who is a modern Balt? What is that person searching for and how can we facilitate their journey? We get inspiration from the environment we live at. This is the weather, seasons, nebula-soaked morning, swamps, and forests. Out of respect to our environment and deep cultural traditions, we are creating the new Baltic history in the present.

The clothes made for a modern person tell their story through the old Baltic symbols, exceptional, but at the same comfortable clothing structures that guarantee the freedom of movement, and natural colours. The BALTS clothes are highly functional. The universal structure is great for both men and women. Natural fabrics are used for the collections: wool, cotton, and linen. They allow you to feel cosy, while contrasting textures of materials create unique combinations and senses. The BALTS is our tribute to the foggy Lithuanian weather.


2014 ruduo žiema

2015/2016 Jūra

2015 vasara

2016 žiema

2017 pavasaris